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Exterior Design

Whether there is a need
for a new home design, or perhaps it is giving an outdated building or house a new look, we have the experience to provide our clients beautiful and functional exteriors. Attention to subtle details, using unique materials and the ability to make a space work for a purpose make Frank Souder Designs sought after for exterior design needs.

Interior Detailing

Our passion is in the details
Whether its flooring patterns, trim packages, custom libraries or staircases these are the places that make our projects stand out. We have over 20 years experience on site working with our contractors and knowing how projects work and go together is key success of this part of the project saving the client time and money early on in the framing stage.

Interior Design

Frank Souder Design specializes in
In every project we try to reflect the personality and individual needs of the client in the environments we create. As a result, our interior designs are unique, varied and personal to blend into our client's life and/or business. We travel the world to find antique or custom pieces to bring to our clients. Our attention to detail, our use of quality materials and superb craftsmanship, along with an elevated sense of style, proportion and space make Frank Souder Design the perfect design partner.


By using a combination of
research, planning, and design, Frank Souder Designs has experience in creating the perfect space for commercial projects by supporting the building’s purpose and people. Whether it is a corporate office, restaurant, historical building, museum, medical office, airport hangar or executive office suite, we will work within your budget to dramatically enhance any commercial design development.

Model Merchandise

Frank Souder Design can create
extraordinary interiors for model homes that maximize the marketability of each project. From modestly priced models to multi-million dollar estate homes, our design team is able to meet budgetary requirements.

Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

Passionate about detail
Our custom furniture and cabinetry sets Frank Souder Designs apart from many designers. We provide finest quality, elegant design, and attention to every detail. All cabinetry is made to order and specifically detailed for the individual client. From kitchens to libraries to bathrooms, we are able to provide both cabinetry and furniture that will differentiate your home or workplace from others.